Jan 28th

Rustic Venue – North Park Lodge

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Rustic is still all the rage here in Pittsburgh when it comes to wedding decor and ambiance. ARVAY has worked in a number of rustic venues around the city. We’re going to focus on one of these venues in this post.

One of our favorite venues for a casual/rustic feel is North Park Lodge, located in (you guessed it) North Park. The Lodge sits on top of a large hill within North Park. It’s a rather secluded area, which is great for outdoor ceremonies. The Lodge has both upstairs and downstairs space. When we work in the lodge, our clients typically use the upstairs space for dinner and dancing and use the downstairs area as workspace for the caterer. The restrooms and an ample freezer are located downstairs.

Set-up at the Lodge can be tricky for the bride the day of the wedding. The tables and chairs are typically located in the downstairs of the Lodge and our experience has been that the contract for the Lodge stipulates that you cannot move the tables and chairs upstairs. This means that the bride needs to rent tables and chairs. We oftentimes provide round tables and chairs for the space.

Set-up is made more challenging because the rental of the Lodge begins at 8:00 we have provided.

ARVAY can assist with vendor coordination, set-up configuration, design suggestions, etc. Call to schedule your complimentary consultation today! 724.274.4252


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