Nov 12th

Prom Planning for 2013

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Prom season is right around the corner! At Arvay Event Design, we’ve had the pleasure of working with many Pittsburgh-area schools (and some schools that are quite a distance away)! We love working with different themes, and proms give us a chance to be very creative. Schools typically have a variety of budget sizes and decor needs, so we wanted to talk a little about our process for working with schools on proms and other events.

First things first…when working with proms, the students are typically the “planners” and oftentimes they present us with some excellent (and sometimes challenging) decor and design requests. Our planning process tends to follow the steps below..

1.) Discuss via phone or e-mail the event theme, location, general budget, and decor/design needs.

2.) Schedule a time to meet with the key planners of the event. This ranges from a small group of students, to a large group of students with several faculty sponsors. We’re open to meeting with as many “planners” as you’d like to include!

3.) After hearing more about your thoughts and ideas, Arvay Event Design goes to the drawing board and creates a customized plan for the event. The plan is based on many steps such as assessing the practicality/functionality of design, analyzing the overall design to make sure that the desired look and feel are achieved, comparing the design budget to the proposed design, and looking at the event space to ensure efficient usage.

4.) Next, the design proposal is presenting to you. At this point, we ask for very blunt and honest feedback. If we don’t know your thoughts, it’s virtually impossible to meet them. Don’t worry–you won’t hurt our feelings!

5.) After any changes are made to the proposal, we move forward with contracting and executing the design of your event. We’ll even coordinate with your venue for set-up and removal times, removing one more

small items, such as centerpieces or small theme decorations, from our store in Springdale whereas other schools prefer a more full-service approach, leaving delivery and set-up to us.

Ready to discuss your prom with one of Arvay Event Design’s consultants? Call 724.274.4252 to schedule your initial appointment today!