Feb 18th

Nile Nights College Formal

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This weekend, we had the pleasure of working with a Harrisburg, PA college on their annual

high ceilings. In order to bring the ceiling down to make the space more intimate, we provided wide gold lame fabric draping on the ceiling. An added bonus was the gobo spot light that we provided in the shape of an Egyptian God. The addition of royal blue lanterns over the guest tables, complete with LED lights, continued the look throughout the back of the space.

We created several focal points within the room. When guests first entered, a large balloon wall pyramid was directly across the from entrance. The entrance was decorated with white lighted columns, gold lame, areca palm trees, and camels. In one corner of the room, we provided an 8″ mummy and heiroglyphic panels. In the opposite corner, we provided a large sphinx, flanked by palm trees. Since the event was held from 10:00 pm – 2:00 am, we opted to utilized LED lighting to cast an eerie shadow on the sphinx.

Check out more photos of this event here.