Jan 27th

It’s Bridal Show Season!! Here are some tips to help you..

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We have been participating in bridal shows for many years now. Not all shows are equal. This weekend, Cavanaugh”s BrideShow (our favorite show) will take place at the Wyndham Grand in Pittsburgh. This is a 2-day show packed with vendors. So the question is, as a bride, how do you prepare for the show and what do you do with the truckload of material that you”ll take home with you? Here are just a few tips to make your life easier.

Before attending the show, think about the services that you still need. If you are aware of the services that you already have and what you are seeking, your trip around the maze of vendors will be much easier. Don”t be shocked if vendors are somewhat aggressive. It”s not our style, but it is the style of many companies. Don”t feel bad saying

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enough eye results, product and e-mail address included. This way, you can quickly enter for the prizes that vendors are offering. Otherwise, you”ll end up writing this information for the duration of your visit to the show.


brides have found success by carrying two bags for materials from vendors. One bag is for information on the products and services that are a must-have for your wedding. The second bag is for information about items that are of interest, but aren”t high on your list.

After the show, realize that all vendors are not created equally. Participation in a bridal show does not necessarily that the vendor you”ve met is right for your wedding. Do

some research – online and word of mouth seem to the be best. Follow-up with the vendor to discuss your event individually instead of during the hectic bridal show.

Most of all – have fun! Wedding planning is extremely stressful, but this is your big day. Make is perfect!

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